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Landry returns to Lutcher for 3rd Annual GiveBack Event

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  • Eric Richey
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  • July 15, 2017 - 10:29am

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry returned to his alma mater for his 3rd Annual GiveBack Event.

Bigger and better.

That's the way Jarvis Landry described his 3rd Annual GiveBack event Friday at Lutcher.

Entering his fourth season in the NFL for the Miami Dolphins, the former Lutcher and LSU standout wide receiver put on a football clinic for close to 150 local children ages 11-13. Students also were presented backpacks full of school supplies. A new twist this year was a $5,000 check Landry presented to the recepient of the inagural Jarvis Landry Building Winners Scholarship that is awarded to a graduating senior from Lutcher High School.

The following is part of the Q&A Landry held with local media following the event:

What does the Third Annual GiveBack Event mean to you?
It means everything to have the opportunity to actually come here and do what hadn't been done for me and a lot of other kids before me. It's our third one and each year it gets bigger and better. It's something I always promised myself I would do.

In this community a lot of kids that had actual talent, true talent got lost in the shuffle because no one actually came back to shed light and to show them that it is possible to leave (St James Parish) and to be something. For me to have the opportunity to come back and to stand in front of these kids, stand in front of a different group of kids every year and give them encouraging words and let them know it's not just all about football. Let them know they can be anything they want to be.

Why did you add a $5,000 scholarship to this year's event? (Awarded to Lutcher student Sloan Brignac)
I honestly wanted to make it not just about football. It's a give back for school so I wanted to implement a way to touch somebody's life. We started the essay (competition) and (Sloan) was the unanimous winner.

(Sloan Brignac on receiving scholarship)
It means a lot to me. I thank Jarvis, I thank my mom for pushing me hard I thank God for giving me the opportunity to giving me the scholarship. I'm just going to make the most of it. I'm going to Loyola for Biology/Pre-Med.

Still with no contract extension why did you still show up for all the Dolphins mini-camps and OTA's
I love what I do. That will not effect my attitude. I can't lead my guys my team and be the example if I'm not there. For me to have the opportunity to show up and continue to be there and continue to work alongside those guys honestly it built more trust.

Biggest change in your life since turning pro?
Honestly, it's probably becoming a father. My daughter (Joy) born on December 13th, honestly that whole transition has made me a better man. And having the opportunity to do things like this it's real humbling. As small as it may seem to another player, it's that much bigger for these kids. Personally the whole transition to find the way to balance family life and the game. Being able to carry yourself in the right manner that when people see you they see you doing the right things. 

Still following Lutcher?
I follow them closely. It's good to have Coach Jenkins our relationship is really good we're really close so I follow those guys throughout the season. It's good that they're keeping the tradition alive adding some more banners to this place.

What about your cousin, Lutcher senior wide receiver Gregory Clayton?
It's amazing. We got to get him right a little bit but at the same time he's highly competitive and he's one of those guys that loves the game so much. He's always texting me, face-timing me, sending me snapchats of him working out on this field at all times of the night. I'm proud of him. I'm seeing it's paying off. He's got a couple of (scholarship) offers so I'm excited to see where it goes for him.

(Gregory Clayton on being compared to his cousin Jarvis Landry?)
It's a great experience to be compared to someone great like that. It's great because he gives back to the community whenever he gets a chance. That's something that I want to be able to do when I hopefully get to the NFL and get to the next level. I always wanted to give back to the community and be a great role model to the kids.

I workout with him every chance I get. He tells me the things I have to do to be successful and to get to the level he's at right now. I try to pride myself and work as hard as he did when he was (at Lutcher) and try to progress as time goes on.

When I got a problem or anything with football I try to call him because I know he's going to have an answer for it and give me the best advice.

Jarvis on expectations this season at LSU?
Same as usual, I think every time I answer this question, it's (winning the) National Championship. That's the standard, and it's obvious. It's expected every year no matter who's the coach, no matter who's the quarterback, no matter who's the running back, no matter who's the receivers, (winning a national championship) is always expected. Coach (Orgeron) has done a great job stepping in for Coach Miles, and I believe he can carry the reigns to get LSU back to where we need to be.

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Eric Richey is an Emmy award-winning sports anchor/reporter who has been covering high school football for 25 years.