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Odds are Monica would like more practice time for his SCC Comets

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  • George Becnel
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  • May 09, 2018 - 5:30pm

Members of the St. Charles Catholic football team were busy working on goal line work during the Comets' spring practice session on Tuesday afternoon.

It would be wise to take the over in an over/under option when it comes to the times Frank Monica has said something similar to the following when assessing his football team:

“We don’t know what we are doing. We are completely lost. We don’t know our plays on offense.”

That was Monica on Tuesdayreferring to his St. Charles Comets four days into spring practice.

“The state only allows us 10 (days of spring practice). We need about 110 to just learn how to break the huddle.”

That was Monica lamenting the fact high school football teams are limited to 10 days of spring practice.

Monica and his staff have thrown a lot at the Comets in four days. On Wednesday, they were working on goal line situations.

“The more you add, the more you get away from first base. Right now, we can’t even get out of the batting circle much less first base. We’ve got a lot to do,” Monica said.

The baseball analogy was apt, considering the Comets were getting some of their baseball players back into football mode.

“We just got nine baseball players back. They are a little rusty but they are not any rustier than some of the other guys that have been here,” said Monica. “Most of the baseball players that we’ve got have been on the (football) field in some capacity so that transition will not be a major deal. It’s good to have them there because it certainly adds to our depth.

“We are not a full team, yet. Our numbers are not quite as big as we’re used to so we’re having to double-up some kids at positions. That always makes for a tough situation.”

After a few days of installing, Monica said, the Comets will go back to polish things up.

“There were too many mistakes in terms of assignments. If you don’t know your assignments, your techniques don’t matter,” the veteran coach explained.

One area of early concern is the offense.

“The spirit has been OK but we have a lot of new positions, especially the offensive line, tight end and receiver,” Monica explained. “We lost a lot on the offensive side of the ball and we are trying to make amends for that.

“Defensively, they are a lot further along than the offense because we have a little carryover there. They are running to the ball pretty good and there are a couple of guys up front we can’t block.”

The Comets will conclude spring drills by facing Terrebonne at 5:30 p.m. May 17 in Houma.

“We will try to play a Spring Game. I’m not expecting too much from that. I just want to make sure we can compete and we look like a football team and that we, hopefully, come out injury free,” Monica said.

Monica said he likes the design of the Spring Game, which will a series format.

“I will try to get as many snaps as we can because we have a lot to evaluate.”

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