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Saltaformaggio brings in Luquet to run Hahnville Tigers offense

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  • George Becnel
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  • January 09, 2019 - 5:10pm

File photoIn looking to change his offensive system, Nick Saltaformaggio has added former Woodlawn head coach Daniel Luquet to the Tigers' staff.

Hahnville head coach Nick Saltaformaggio was looking for a new offensive system and Daniel Luquet was looking for a chance to be closer to his home in Hahnville. The two made a perfect match.

Luquet is a former Destrehan quarterback and assistant coach who spent the last four years in Baton Rouge as head coach at Woodlawn.

“He’s more of a spread concept guy but a guy that will throw the ball every single down,” Saltaformaggio said of Luquet. “There will still be components of what I like to do, the zone game and power run game. We have been short offensively since I’ve been at Hahnville. The best way I can describe us offensively is we were whatever Pooka (Williams) could do offensively. That was our system.”

“We really never adjusted to the loss of Pooka Williams. We all knew how great he was, obviously, but we didn’t have a system in place or have an offensive structure to handle the loss of a player like that,” continued Saltaformaggio, referring to the former Hahnville running back who is coming off a stellar freshman season with the Kansas Jayhawks.

“My job is to make sure we get the ball to our playmakers’ hands in space and give them an opportunity to use their athletic ability,” said Luquet. “We want to make sure they are not thinking too much and that they just need to play. We will play fast. We will be physical. We will be disciplined. We will do things the right way and we will make sure that at the end of the night, we put ourselves in situation where we feel like we will win the football game because of what we do offensively.”

“With Daniel coming in, we are not very far off of the play of what to do on first-and-10 and staying consistent with the calls,” Saltaformaggio said. “What to do on second down and stay consistent with the calls and you your formations to get you in a numbers advantage against the defense. Just things we have struggled with in my tenure at Hahnville.

“It’s not anyone’s fault but my own. At lot of it is because I have a defensive background and I’m not in that offensive world a whole lot. It’s just kind of gives me a fresh start.”

Luquet will be running the Hahnville offense regardless of what his title might be, according to Saltaformaggio.

“I still have to speak with some of the guys on staff because I’m not sure how I’m going to restructure it, not yet,” said Saltaformaggio. “There’s no denying that with him coming in with a wealth of offensive knowledge can be offensive coordinator, is certainly on the table. Nothing has been solidified yet but you don’t find guys like that very often at his age. He has a great, great offensive drive. He has an excellent offensive mind, and really, something that we have been lacking since I have been at Hahnville, which is an offensive system.”

Mike Silva, a longtime assistant at Hahnville, has been the Tigers’ offensive coordinator for the past two years and served as interim coach for the first four games of the 2018 season when Saltaformaggio was suspended in wake of the controversy involving the transfer of quarterback Andrew Robison.

“Another point for me with Daniel is that I don’t know how many more years Mike will continue to go,” said Saltaformaggio. “He’s been at Hahnville for a long time and he’s a very good friend of mine. He helps me do all the things that need to be done that I don’t like to do as a head coach.

“It’s just kind of in a wait-and-see mode as far as titles. Mike Silva has a place in that football program for as long as I’m head coach, I can tell you that.”

Saltaformaggio will be getting an assistant coach who has a newfound appreciated for the position after having served as a head coach, Luquet said.

“I think I told him when I interviewed that I will the run the offense like I would a team. Coming from my experience as a head coach over the last four years, I think it’s really opened my eyes to what it is to be a really good assistant football coach. I’m coming here to help Coach Salt any way possible to reach our goal of winning a state championship and graduate students,” said Luquet.

Luquet also will be able to help the Hahnville head coach with the way offensive football is played in this day and age, according to Saltaformaggio.

“I just had an opportunity to get a guy who has a fresh knowledge of offensive football,” Saltaformaggio said. “What I mean by that is not only the understanding of the passing game and the understanding of the run game, he has the understanding of how to call it. He has an understanding of how to use formations and motion to dictate number advantages to the offensive side. I just felt like I had an opportunity to bring in a guy who has a 2020 image of what offensive football is going to look like because I’m still coaching offensive football like its 1982.”

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